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Conflagration - "...The heart of galactic civilization."

Kyzar is a star system located in Assembly space. It is a neutral system, not controlled by any one race or civilization, and is the seat of the Galactic Assembly of Sovereign Civilizations


Kyzar is one of the smallest systems in the known galaxy, and after serving as neutral ground for negotiations between the Guardians, Templars, Ercineans, and Leviathans in the wake of the Hundred Years' War, the system was selected to be the seat of the newly proposed Assembly. A space station was commissioned in the system, built using technology from each of the founding races, to represent the neutrality and collaborative nature of the new body.

The Kyzar star is low-mass white dwarf, and as such provides an ideal local energy source for the station. As the remit of the Assembly continued to grow, so did the station, expanding with time into a Dyson ring and then a swarm. By 999 ATA - contemporary with the events of Conflagration - the station is well on the way to becoming a continuous Dyson shell, with vast surfaces laid out for energy capture, atmosphere processing, and hydroponic cultivation. The ultra-efficient energy harvesting is made possible by the use of templar technology, the mechanics of which remain a well-guarded secret.

Notable characters

Notable locations

  • Kyzar Station (Assembly capital)

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