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Conflagration - "...The most spectacular feat of engineering ever accomplished."

Kyzar Station is the seat of the Galactic Assembly of Sovereign Civilizations and the centre of power in the Burning Suns galaxy. Home to millions, it is an entirely artificial environment constructed over millenia to accommodate the business of running the galaxy.


Kyzar Station was initially constructed to serve as a neutral meeting point for the negotiations that followed the end of the Hundred-Years War. Built using aspects of technology from each of the negotiating races, the structure was quickly constructed. After the agreements that formed the original Assembly charter were reached, the station was chosen as the logical place to host the new body.

From that point on, the station gradually expanded to meet the needs of the growing bureaucracy. More races joined the Assembly, and more responsibilities were taken up, and decade by decade Kyzar station expanded. It quickly became apparent that a long-term architectural plan would be required, and thus the idea of capturing the power of the Kyzar star in what will eventually become a complete Dyson sphere was born.

The ribs of the station, describing individual Dyson rings around the star, are complete, and the shell is developing, expanding outwards from the original station, which forms one of the sphere's poles. Much of the surface area is dedicated to atmosphere, energy, and water generation, with hydroponics, construction facilities and dockyards making up a smaller, but substantial proportion of the remainder. Much of the populated area is located around the original station, and spread out along the main transit corridors along the ribs.

Points of interest

  • The Assembly (district)
    • Guardian mission
    • Marauder mission
    • Terran mission
    • Grand Council Chamber
  • The Grand Concourse (district)

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