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- "Stay safe, and keep your beak hidden."

Laenan Estris is an agent for the Changeling Consortium's Diplomatic Service, currently on assignment as a handler for active field agents. Keera Naraymis is one of his charges. 


Estris' active field assignment was to infiltrate the Neomorph government. His mission objectives have not been disclosed. He is often heard to blame his numerous allergies on his time spent posing as a neomorph, though the claim has not been validated.

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Conflagration (Book One)

On assignment in Berlin, Keera checks in with Estris as part of her regular routine, and then again when she receives word of the death of her colleague Haroun Mahmoud. Estris advises her to keep her focus on her job, and not to dig into matters that don't concern her.

Conflagration (Book Three)

Keera contacts Estris to warn the Changelings about the Sentinel plot. Estris is relieved to hear from her, and refers her to Commander Eng for further instructions.

Insurrection (Book One)

Estris is present, along with Eng, to debrief Keera after her extraction from Lazarus Depth. He reiterates that working with Keera is bad for his health.

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