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- "I hope you’ll forgive the observation that I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you..."

Congressman Lau Lawinson is a human diplomat and politician. He currently serves as Representative for Foreign Affairs to the United Terran Republics.


Lau Lawinson was born on Earth. His early childhood was spent in Seattle, and throughout his youth his family relocated several times, following his father's career as a merchant marine engineer.

At the age of eighteen, Lau enlisted in the Terran Navy, and was assigned a specialisation as a communications tech. During the course of his service, he enjoyed a first contact experience with an Ercinean diplomat, an encounter that left an indelible impression on him. Once his three-year tour with the Navy was complete, he applied to study politics and xenoculture at Harvard University, setting him on a career path that would culminate in his appointment as Representative for Foreign Affairs, the United Terran Republics' chief diplomat.

During his career Lau has served as the Terran Ambassador to the Ercineans, and his primary specialisations are in working with ercineans and changelings. He is married and resides with his wife and two children in Berlin, the Terran capital. He has a close personal friendship with Saul Mendieta, his counterpart in the Marauder government.

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Burning Suns - Conflagration
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Conflagration (Book One)

Lau meets with the Marauder diplomat Keera Naraymis to discuss a potential joint military exercise to drive the Reavers away from the borders of Terran and Marauder space. During the course of their discussions, there is an attempted robbery at one of Berlin's museums, and Lau enlists Keera's assistance in dealing with one of the suspects, Jennifer Bronwen.

Conflagration (Book Two)

Lau is summoned to Kyzar by the senior Terran Envoy, Sofia Stecchi, to assist with an inquiry into the attempted artefact theft. During the course of the inquiry, he learns the true nature of the templar weapon.

While on the station, he assists Sofia and their Marauder counterparts, Reuben Montford and Saul Mendieta, with the Assembly investigation, and is present during the assault on Oceanhill. They discover Jennifer and Keera's connection to the attack as well as the theft, and issue new warrants for both women. When Keera's true identity is revealed, Lau and Mendieta try to use the information to shock some intel out of the changeling diplomat Sien Solta, but before they can press the news of the Reaver assault on Ice Serpent breaks.

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