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Lazarus Depth is a star system located in what is loosely termed "Sentinel" space. While the Sentinels do not formally control any system territories, they are known to be active in this region of space.


Lazarus Depth is most notable for being the focal point of the Sentinel Rebellion (304-308 ATA), when a separatist faction of changelings attempted to break away from the Consortium. Since the quelling of that uprising, when the overthrown colony system was formally exiled from Consortium space, it has developed a reputation as one of the most dangerous systems in the galaxy. Sentinel command is concerned solely with the maintenance of its fortress headquarters and does nothing to promote any economic activity not directly connected to achieving its ideological goals. Thus, the citizens of Resurrection, the sole remaining population centre, are mostly trapped in conditions of desperate poverty, providing an ideal recruiting ground for the terrorist cells. Trade with other criminal elements operating outside Assembly jurisdiction is limited, and non-changeling crews who visit are restricted to a specific enclave of the settlement. Jobs in the enclave are highly prized, and it is not uncommon for workers to be murdered to create openings.

Lacking the veneer of control and civilization the criminal cartels bring to Asgard and with a population known to be hostile to most aliens, the Depth is a place where even the most hardened criminals walk softly and carry a very big boomstick. However, since cargoes of weapons and medical supplies command premium prices, there's more than enough incentive for mercenary crews to take the risk.

Notable events

Notable locations

  • Eizariya (planet, system "capital")
    • Resurrection (settlement)
  • Tammuz (planet)
  • Attis (planet)

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