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Leviathans are renowned through the galaxy as tough, obdurate fighters, equally comfortable in land, sea and space environments.


Leviathans are territorial by nature, and internal competition has always been the strongest driving force in the development of individual combat skills. Those skills are also, traditionally, far more likely to be hand-to-hand than involving the use of weapons. Weapon-based combat skills have tended to derive from hunting and common defence of family and clan territory. The necessity to have a defence force engaged to protect their entire race was a late development, and individual divisions are still likely to be composed of a clan unit as opposed to a more geographically diverse mixture.

Military doctrine

Large, strong, and deceptively fast, Leviathan warriors are akin to a natural disaster when engaged in combat. Tactically, they are far more inclined to defence than aggression, preferring to choose their ground carefully and rely on their strength and armoured physiology to withstand a battle of attrition. Where possible, they will seek to draw enemies toward water, where their familiarity with their habitat offers an optimum advantage. Underwater tactics translate relatively well to extra-vehicular space combat, and Leviathan boarding parties have been known to surprise their enemies by forcing entry to vessels without need for breaching pods.

Army branches

Expeditionary Guard
The Expeditionary Guard is the only standing force to select candidates with no regard for bloodline or background. This professional outfit deals with any and all issues that require cooperation with other races. New recruits join the Adept division and advance to the Master division after serving a set period of time - thus, the Master division are considered the cream of the leviathan fighting forces.
Division Regiments Battalions Companies Armoured Corps
Master 2 per Division 2 per Regiment 6 per Regiment 4 per Division
Adept 2 per Division 2 per Regiment 6 per Regiment 4 per Division

Clan Guards
For home guard duty, leviathans rely on their clan organisational hierarchy to provide warriors to defend their territories. Since these indviduals usually have direct family connections in the systems they protect, their determination and loyalty are unsurpassed. There is no specific organisation to these forces.

Army ranks

Ranks Approx. age
The ranks of the Leviathans simply reflect the age of individuals, as this is understood to be the most prominent qualification of any commander.
Ancient Master 4500+
Ancient Adept 3500+
Master 3000+
Adept 2000+
Learner 1000+
Junior 500+
Young one 200+
Newborn <200

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