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Natural spacefarers thanks to their marine heritage, the Leviathan Navy is one of the oldest space forces in the galaxy.


Leviathans have been spacefarers for nearly 85000 years, and the origins of their naval capabilities are shrouded in the mists of both time and the general leviathan reticence to share information.

Military doctrine

Leviathans tend to be traditional thinkers, and they have a deep and confident understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. They tend to adopt strategies that play to those strengths. Their ships are comparatively slower and heavier than those of most other races, but are also stronger and more heavily armoured. Thus, attritional defence is favoured - Leviathans rely on reaching an objective first, digging in deep, drawing up clear battle lines and patrolling in optimal formations for direct conflict.

Smaller leviathan vessels are capable of operating in marine environments as well as in space, and as a result of this capability, it is not uncommon for leviathans to hide at least part of their numbers by submerging vessels in planetary oceans, a tactic that has surprised no few inexperienced opposition commanders over the millennia. The most famous example of this kind of deployment occurred during the Sentinel Rebellion.

Navy branches

Leviathan Clan Fleets
The defensive backbone of the Leviathan Navy are its clan fleets, commanded and crewed by individuals who share bloodlines and home ranges. Each clan fleet protects its own territory, and the size and composition of the force is therefore quite variable. Fleets are named for their commanders.
Fleets Special Dreadnoughts and Carriers Battlecruisers and support vessels Raider Squadrons
Cmd. name 1 starbase Max. 15 Max. 25 Max. 6
Cmd. name N/A Max. 10 Max. 20 Max. 4
Cmd. name N/A Max. 10 Max. 20 Max. 4
Cmd. name N/A Max. 10 Max. 20 Max. 4

Leviathan War Fleets
These professional standing fleets answer directly to the Conclave of Ancients, taking on duties that involve cooperation with other races or assaults on non-Leviathan territory. Similar to the Army, experience grants promotion from the Adept Fleet to the Master Fleet over the course of time. The crew of the titan are hand picked by the Master Fleet Ancient.
Fleets Special Dreadnoughts and construction ships Battlecruisers and escort crafts Raider Squadrons
Master 1 Titan 30 50 Max. 10
Adept N/A 30 50 Max. 10

Navy ranks

Ranks Approx. age
The ranks of the Leviathans are, like the Giants, very much a reflection of age rather than qualification. They do however consider some specialist as important for their forces.
Master 3000+
Adept 2000+
Specialist (!) Within colonization, terraforming etc.
Junior 500+
Young one 200+
Newborn <200

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