Conflagration "...killing a Leviathan was no easy feat."

The leviathans are an amphibious species, although their preferred habitat is marine. They are one of the oldest known sentient species in the galaxy.


Leviathans are massively built (even more so in the case of their close cousins the giants), with adults easily topping 2.25m in height on average. They possess an armoured exoskeleton, and are thus very resistant to physical trauma, and they are almost completely immune to disease. They do not fully sleep, instead resting via unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, in which only half of their brain loses consciousness at a time.

Like many aquatic and amphibious species, leviathans use electroreception to "see", navigate, and communicate in marine environments. Their natural ability to modulate their own emission waveforms was a key factor in their development of the best-developed communications technology in the galaxy. Their hearing is similar to that of their wholly marine ancestors, comprising a whole-body network of vibration detectors that make them extremely sensitive to sound.

Leviathans possess a pharyngeal jaw structure, initially evolved to help them grasp their prey more strongly. As the need to hunt diminished over the years, so too did the strength of the jaw structure, however snapping shut the pharyngeal mandibles remains a gesture of irritation or displeasure.

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