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The Leviathans, properly titled the Dominion of Leviathans, are a major civilisation in the Burning Suns galaxy, arising from one of the oldest known species.


First contact with the Leviathans was established by the Guardians in 84000 BTA. It was the first time the guardians had established contact with any other space-faring, sentient species.

The Leviathans soon established themselves as dominant galactic civilisation, in the main owing to their highly developed communications technology, which quickly allowed them to establish a standard intersystem comm network for use in trading with the Guardians. The later enhancement of templar technology stabilized this network, laying the foundation for the galaxy-wide public communications system, Pubnet.

The Leviathans are a gerontocracy, with leadership and rank being attained as a function of age. They are proud of their position as one of the elder races of the galaxy, and as a result tend to be dismissive of the opinions of the younger races, a stance that greatly irritates the templars. They are much more isolationist than the other races, and frequently abstain in Assembly debates.

Leviathans are strongly individualistic, living in small family groups or as solitary individuals in large "ranges" of territory. Families related by mating or descent form loose associations called clans, with elder members expected to provide guidance and leadership. This traditional structure has been superseded to some extent as the need to deal with other races as a single civilisation centralises more authority with the Conclave of Ancients, but is still strongly active in local politics and ways of life.

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