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Lord's Assembly is a star system located in neutral space, notable as the site of the galaxy's most extensive penitentiary.


The reason for the name of the system is lost to common history, but is believed to be derived from the period of rule of the Psyonic Templars of Eternity. The siting of Cryo Corp's now-infamous prison on the largest moon of the second planet has given rise to the more colloquial nickname, The Freezer.

None of the planets in the system are inhabited, and the moon upon which the penitentiary sits is deliberately un-terraformed, providing an additional level of physical containment for inmates. The planet below supports a few million square kilometres of hydroponic and atmospheric processing fields, rendering the prison moon self-sufficient, but the entire network is almost completely automated.

Notable locations

The Freezer (cryogenic prison facilities on the largest moon of the second planet)

Notable organisations

  • Cryo Corp

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