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- "...The iron fist of the Marauder military."

The Marauder Army is a branch of the Marauder armed forces specialising in planet-based operations and engagements.


The forerunner of the Marauder Army was a colonial militia principally based in Oceanhill. In 949 ATA the militia came under the command of Esther Montford, a retired Terran naval officer, who began to recruit officers and personnel from all across the outlying Terran colonies beyond Oceanhill. By recruiting across different systems, Montford established a force with enough depth to be capable of responding effectively to incursions while defending key assets. Since pirates and raiders had long since learned that the outlying colonies were easy pickings, the militia very quickly became more experienced and battle-hardened than its professional Terran counterpart.

After the establishment of the Marauder Government in 958 ATA the militia was turned into a standing army ready to fend off any and all aggressors.

The army has since then been expanded several times to provide sufficient protection for the Marauder territories.

Military doctrine

The Marauder's doctrines were originally derived from Terran operational procedures, but since Marauder policy in galactic affairs is generally more confrontational and aggressive, their tactical doctrine has evolved to reflect that policy as well as the territorial and material constraints of their civilization.

Montford's experience with fighting pirates taught her two principal lessons: 1) that in the impossibly vast distances of space, mobility, flexibility, and force concentration were the keys to victory; and 2) the resources of any civilization are of necessity concentrated on or around planets, not in space itself. Crudely put, everybody has a base somewhere.

Marauder operational practice tends heavily to manoeuvre-based offensive planning and deployments, in which speed and flexibility are watchwords. Marauder command engages in extensive operation fragment planning. This approach, coupled with the modular nature of its forces' organisation, provide its general staff and field commanders with a common toolkit of strategic options, the ultimate goal of which is to enable decisive concentration of force in critical engagements, either in isolation or as part of a simultaneously executed deep battle strategy.

Marauder doctrine holds that its naval and land-based services are parts of the same cohesive force, and extensive cross-training is undertaken to drill this sense of unity into its service personnel.

Army branches

Marauder Marine Corps
The Marine Corps is the spearhead of most operations for the Marauder armed forces. The Marines work in close collaboration with Navy units and are often used to establish beachheads for the more heavily armed forces of the Armoured Corps.
Divisions Regiments Battalions Companies Platoons
1st Division 1st to 8th 3 per regiment 5 per battalion 4 per company
2nd Division 9th to 16th 3 per regiment 5 per battalion 4 per company
3rd Division 17th to 24th 3 per regiment 5 per battalion 4 per company
4th Division (support) 25th to 32nd 3 per regiment 5 per battalion 4 per company
5th Division (HQ) 33rd to 40th 3 per regiment 5 per battalion 4 per company
6th Division (reserve) 41st to 42nd 2 per regiment 2 per battalion 2 per company

Marauder Armoured Corps
The Armoured Corps comprises the Marauder's heavy artillery and ground vehicles. The corps has both stationary emplacements and mobilized fire at its disposal, encompassing everything from indirect fire and AA activity to mine laying and armoured cavalry.
Divisions Regiments Battalions Companies Platoons
1st Division (colossus) 1st to 4th 8 per regiment 6 per battalion 6 per company
2nd Division 5th to 8th 4 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company
3rd Division 9th to 12th 4 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company
4th Division (support) 13th to 16th 4 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company
5th Division (HQ) 17th to 20th 4 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company

Army ranks

Staff Commissioned Enlisted
General Colonel Master Chief Sergeant
Lt. General Lt. Colonel Master Sergeant
Major General Major Gunnery Sergeant
Brig. General Captain Staff Sergeant
First Lieutenant Sergeant
Second Lieutenant Corporal
Lance Corporal
Private First Class

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