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Jennifer Bronwen - "That, Timo, is a titan-class vessel, the mother of all battleships."

The Marauder Navy is a branch of the Marauder armed forces specialising in space-based operations and engagements.


The Marauder Navy was officially founded shortly after the establishment of the Marauder Government. In practice most of its command structure, personnel, and ships were already in place as part of the colonial defence force based in Oceanhill under the command of Esther Montford.

Due to the underfunded nature of the most of the colonies that comprise the Marauder faction, the initial expansion of their navy was primarily achieved by refitting civilian ships for patrol and combat duties. The addition of the Bronwen system to Marauder territory, with its rich mineral deposits and galactic market, enabled the construction of more combat-oriented vessels in the late 960s and early 970s.

Military doctrine

The Marauder's doctrines were originally derived from Terran operational procedures, but since Marauder policy in galactic affairs is generally more confrontational and aggressive, their tactical doctrine has evolved to reflect that policy as well as the territorial and material constraints of their civilization.

Something of a professional sore point for many of the navy's commanders, the Marauder's overall approach is to exert tactical dominance on the ground, since interdicting vast areas of space will always be beyond any realistic fleet capability, and the resources of any civilization are concentrated on planets. Their fleet structure provides a high degree of flexibility thanks to its modular organization, and the fleets specialise in deploying and supporting the Marauder Army's ground forces while avoiding prolonged ship-to-ship combat, as many of their ships are not fully specced for combat.

Marauder doctrine holds that its naval and land-based services are parts of the same cohesive force, and extensive cross-training is undertaken to drill this sense of unity into its service personnel.

The commissioning of the Titan-class "Hephaestus" in 988 ATA, with the firepower and complement of nearly 2 full task forces has made it possible for the Marauders to also engage in space-based conflict, however thus far the vessel has only been deployed in a support role.

Navy branches

Marauder Navy
The Marauder Navy is divided into 4 tiers, combined Squadrons of frigates/raider flights commanded by a leading frigate, Battle Groups commanded by a battlecruiser flagship, Task Forces commanded by a dreadnought flagship and at last the Fleets with several command ships.
Fleets Task Forces Battle Groups Squadrons Raiders
1st Fleet (Titan) 4 per Fleet 3 per Task Force 3 per Battle Group 6 per Squadron
2nd Fleet 4 per Fleet 3 per Task Force 3 per Battle Group 6 per Squadron
3rd Fleet 4 per Fleet 3 per Task Force 3 per Battle Group 6 per Squadron
4th Fleet 4 per Fleet 3 per Task Force 3 per Battle Group 6 per Squadron
5th Fleet (Supply Systems) 8 per Fleet 4 per Task Force 4 per Battle Group 4 per Squadron

Marauder Territorial Guard
The Territorial Guard is tasked with patrolling the borders of Marauder space to ensure the safety and security of local shipping. While the Guard is structured in the same way as the rest of the navy, it is equipped with the weaker and less modified ships.
Fleets Task Forces Patrol Groups Patrols Raiders
1st Fleet 4 per Fleet 3 per Task Force 3 per Patrol Group 6 per Patrol
2nd Fleet 4 per Fleet 3 per Task Force 3 per Patrol Group 6 per Patrol

Navy ranks

Staff Commissioned Enlisted
Fleet Admiral Captain Master Chief Petty Officer
Admiral Commander Senior Chief Petty Officer
Vice Admiral Lt. Commander Chief Petty Officer
Rear Admiral Lieutenant Petty Officer, First Class
Lieutenant (j.g.) Petty Officer, Second Class
Ensign Petty Officer, Third Class
Leading Hand
Able Seaman

Notable characters

Fleet Admiral Grigor Nazarian

Vice Admiral Zhang Wei

Captain Isabela Begun

Notable events

Notable vehicles

  • FTS Hephaestus (titan class)
  • FTS Saladin (dreadnought class)
  • FTS Agamemnon (dreadnought class)

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