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Kiith Kohath - "The Authority’s orders to defend and consolidate the Polity’s gains in the Mendillo system were carried out to the letter."

Mendillo is a star system situated in Assembly space, on the border between the leviathan Giant and Neomorph territories. In recent years it has been a flashpoint for the growing tensions between the two factions. 


Mendillo appears to most visitors to be an entirely average system. It has a relatively low planetary density, and the majority of those bodies are gas giants of limited interest for anything except their mining potential. Indeed, the Assembly's survey plans had the system earmarked for exploitation in 996 ATA, until the Neomorphs appealed for a reprieve, as two of the planets in the system possessed ecological biomes that would permit them to expand their colonies and diversify the footprint of their species.

Unfortunately, the Giants were similarly interested in the system, down to the same planets, as a potential expansion to their territorial ranges, and with their usual unilateralism, moved to secure those planets by deploying forces to occupy them. Attempts to resolve the situation diplomatically have proven fruitless, and a war by any other name continues to be prosecuted to this day.

The military stand-off means that all civilian travel through Mendillo is restricted.

Notable events

Notable locations

  • Mendillo Prime (planet)

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