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- "Those unfit to stand against the coming storm shall perish by my hand."

Mercer Darkstar is a cyborg and a warmaster-class animate in the Reaver hierarchy.


Darkstar was created in 988 ATA, shortly after the schism that led to the formation of the Evolution as a splinter from the Synergy. His functional designation is as a warmaster, a class skilled at both personal combat and strategic command. In addition, he is a cardinal unit, one of twenty animates imbued with such authority by the Exemplar.

His organic scaffold is leviathan, and his build was designed to withstand heavy melee combat.

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Conflagration (Book Two)

Darkstar is appointed to command the Reaver's invasion of Marinaris in the Oceanhill system, with the goal of securing a new antimatter-based energy generation technology.

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