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Conflagration - "Despite having travelled to Modeus a few times, she’d only ever been to Earth once. She’d never really had much reason to visit."

Modeus is the home system of the human race, and the capital system for the Terran civilisation, the United Terran Republics. The system is named according to Guardian navigational conventions.


The home system of one of the galaxy's most influential civilisations, the origins of Modeus are well-known to any Terran reader. For details on political and cultural development, see the entry on the Terran faction.

Notable characters

  • Detective Bayram
  • Detective Janacek
  • Lau Lawinson (born - Earth, work - Berlin)
    • Rose
  • Officer Koch
  • Officer Kreiger

Notable locations

  • Earth (planet, system capital)
    • Berlin (city, planetary capital)
    • Hong Kong (city, Marauder enclave)
      • Kowloon waterfront (district)
  • Jupiter (planet)
    • Callisto (moon)
    • Europa (moon)
    • Ganymede (moon)
    • Io (moon)
  • Mars (planet)

Notable organizations

  • Cryo Corp. (corporation - Mars)
  • Jovian Industrial Gases (corporation - Ganymede)

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