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The neomorphs, properly titled, the Neomorph Polity, are the major civilisation of the neomorph and champion races.


The citizens of the Polity arrived in the Burning Suns in 955 ATA aboard a fleet of starships, fleeing the destruction of their home system and civilisation in a distant galaxy. The nature of the calamity that impelled them to flee has never been disclosed to the other races.

The neomorphs, including their warrior caste Champions, settled in the Nomius system in 968 ATA and began rebuilding their civilisation. Due to their xenogalactic nature, the planets available to them for colonisation are quite restricted, and this geographic limitation has been the source of some friction with their immediate neighbours, the leviathans and their giant cousins.

Because of their near extinction and resulting geographic constraints, their cultural attitude toward reproduction has shifted. Since neomorph females are capable of laying dozens of eggs in a single clutch, population increase has to be carefully controlled, with only a few thousand females each year selected for fertilization. To maximize the genetic diversity, multiple males are usually assigned to feritlize each egg clutch.

This clinically organized approach has more or less abolished the need for mating pairs, and while neomorphs do form and nurture emotional attachments, these are as likely to be polygamous as monogamous.

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