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Conflagration - "New Lagos...the heart of Marauder space"

New Lagos, on the planet Geonova in the Sol Deuterion system, is the capital city of the Marauder civilisation, the Commonwealth of Free Terran States.


Founded in 925 ATA as the first settlement in the then New Elysium system, New Lagos was named by its terraforming crew in honour of their ethnic roots.

In 958 ATA, the system was renamed Sol Deuterion to better reflect its selection as the Marauders capital system. The planet was renamed Geonova, but the locals were strenuous in their objection to renaming the city, so New Lagos it remained. Massive resource was poured into its development, funded by the profits from the galactic markets on Bronwen, and New Lagos and its surrounding conurbation is one of the most densely urbanized areas in Marauder space.

Points of interest

  • Commonwealth government complex
  • Poseidon Plaza (Monument/Public space)

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