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Keera Naraymis - "The sea, I mean. Just watching the water helps me empty my brain out."

Oceanhill is a star system situated in Marauder space, notable for its large number of water-bearing planets. A prime location for colonisation, the system supports numerous settlements in varying degrees of development.


Oceanhill was ceded to the Marauders by decree of the Assembly in the initial negotiations to establish the civilisation, provoked by the Marauders' armed occupation of the system in 958 ATA, an action that earned them their nickname. It was viewed as a strategic lynchpin by both sides, and a practical choice for expansion thanks to its unusually high number of potentially habitable planets. The arbitration decided in favour of the Marauders, who successfully argued that the system was the cradle of their proposed civilisation, and was a sore point in Terran - Marauder relations for some years.

The oldest colonies and best developed infrastructure are to be found on Thalassa, the system's administrative capital. Tethys plays host to a miltiary depot and repair drydock, as well as the Marauder Military Academy and numerous specialist instruction facilities, such as the Marine Corps Flight Training School. Marinaris, the youngest of the colonies, is more civilian in its development, hosting numerous biotech and energy research labs in both corporate and academic guise. Indeed the University of Marinaris is considered the foremost scientific research institute in Marauder space.

The binary planet system Scylla and Charybdis are a known navigational hazard as a result of the unusual gravitational pull their co-orbit exerts.

Notable characters

Notable events

Notable locations

  • Marinaris (planet)
    • Gold Harbour (city, planetary capital)
    • Whitecliff (town)
  • Scylla and Charybdis (binary planet)
  • Tethys (planet, military facilities)
  • Thalassa (planet, system capital)

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