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Saul Mendieta - "...You’d think that someone had uncovered a goddamn Orb of Destiny with its timer ticking down."

Orbs of Destiny are legendary items, rumoured to be doomsday weapons built by the Guardians as a last line of defence against the annihilation of the galaxy.


The Guardian's long history and secretive nature has given rise to many rumours over the centuries, the most outlandish of which is the supposed existence of the Orbs of Destiny. Legend has it the Orbs were built as last-gasp defensive measures, weapons so powerful they could defeat any enemy, but they were lost to the Guardians during the events of the Phantom Wars. The Guardians refusal to confirm or deny any facts only adds to the speculation, but most beings agree that the Orbs a a fairy story, most often referenced in the modern Assembly as an expression for either a doomsday scenario or a highly unlikely happenstance.

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