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- "I’m a rose among the weeds."

Orden Snake-Eyes is a crime-boss and entrepreneur based in Hel's Market in the Asgard system. A terran/neomorph hybrid, he has a striking appearance even among the varied races of the galaxy. He contracts Jennifer Bronwen to undertake a job for him at the beginning of the events of Conflagration.


Orden's parentage is unknown. Born in one of the cartel whorehouses in Hel's Market, he was abandoned to his fate at an early age as his peculiar looks rendered him unsuitable for the pleasure trade. How he rose from orphan to major Highmarket player while remaining unaffiliated with any of the galaxy's major crime cartels is a closely guarded secret.

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Conflagration (Book One)

Orden subcontracts Jennifer Bronwen to obtain a templar artefact from a museum on Earth, a job contracted to him in turn by the arms dealer Octavius Gullane. When Jennifer's crew fail to complete the contract, Orden distances himself from his former associate, but is coerced into revealing Gullane's identity to Jennifer by Keera Naraymis, who tricks him into taking her home from one of Hel's Market's high-end nightclubs.

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