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Kohath - "Machine response time, allied with the trained skills of a peerless warrior"

Praetorius is a cyborg, a gladiator-class animate currently resident on Korxonthos. He is an unusual animate in that his organic scaffold comprises the body of a Guardian.


Praetorius was assembled as a Preceptor, an animate with extensive capacity for autonomous decision making and self-improvement. He has been functional for just over three hundred years. As a gladiator - one of the least common classes of cyborg - his specialist function is part psychology, part combat - his appearance and the obvious parallel with the immortal Order of Guardians instils fear in opponents, and his close-quarters combat skills are extensive. He can function as a bodyguard, a commando, a combat figurehead, or even, if the occasion demands, a competitor in sporting combat trials.

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Conflagration (Book One)

Praetorius is introduced to Kiith Kohath upon the latter's return to Korxonthos after resigning his commission with the neomorph military. Praetorius, along with Dolos, is assigned to assist Kohath in his investigation of the Reavers. He commands a defence detachment during the Reaver attack on Korxonthos, and rescues Dolos when her position is overrun.

Conflagration (Book Two)

Praetorius travels with Kohath and Dolos to the Shackleton system to collect evidence pertaining to the Reaver attack there, and then to Chios with a similar goal. Once Kohath deduces that the next attack may occur in the Oceanhill system, the cyborg team travel there, but are intercepted by Reaver raiders, who severely damage their ship.

They are rescued by the Bronwen's Fortune, and Kohath engages Jen and Keera's services to take them back to Korxonthos via Asgard after their business on Marinaris is completed.

En route to Asgard, they are intercepted by the Marauders, and Praetorius and the other cyborgs hide in one of the Fortune's smuggling compartments, powering down to escape capture.

On Asgard, the crew encounter Arkaion in a meeting with the information broker, Shan'Chael. While Arkaion's request for assistance is not directed at the cyborgs initially, when Kohath receives new orders to take command of the cyborg fleet, Praetorius elects to accompany Dolos and the Ronin to Kyzar.

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