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Raiders are a class of light, short-range combat spacecraft. Normally crewed by one or two pilots, the term covers craft with fighter, bomber, and multirole designations .

Common to most if not all civilisations' navies, raiders are present in varying numbers and designs throughout the galaxy. The Ercineans make the most wide-ranging use of this class of spacecraft, being naturally disposed toward single-operator flight. Raiders also comprise a significant proportion of the Cyborg forces, since the Synergy has the ability to integrate the pilot consciousness directly into the raider fuselage, creating individual animates. Conversely, the Leviathans and Guardians make relatively little use of small spacecraft.

Raiders may fulfil both offensive and defensive roles, depending on the specifics of their deployment. They are not generally FTL capable, since the power requirements for FTL transitions neccesitates larger engines than can be mounted on such a small fuselage. Raider squadrons are either therefore deployed from a permanent ground installation or from a capital ship functioning as a carrier. Specialised carrier vessels exist in several factions' naval complements, however dreadnaught and titan class vessels routinely carry multiple squadrons or wings, and battlecruisers may sometimes carry a flight for scouting and interdiction purposes.

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