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Conflagration - "...Skilled soldiers, proficient technicians in the prosecution of combat."

The Reaver Army is a branch of the Reaver armed forces specialising in planet-based operations and engagements. The synergistic effect of having their entire civilisation geared for war means that while they are not the largest of forces, they are among the most lethal in the galaxy.


The Reaver military came into existence at the same moment as its parent faction, as a result of infiltrating and hacking approximately 1/3 of the existing Cyborg population.

Military doctrine

The Reavers share the same approach to doctrines as the Cyborgs, preferring to adapt their behaviour in accordance with objectives as the situation demands.

The Reavers do not, however, share the Cyborgs' sense of restraint with regard to casualties, nor do they permit consideration of the needs of the other species of the galaxy to diminish their resolve in working to achieve their programmed purpose. The end of improving their combat capability, in their view, always justifies the means, and combining fleets of this calibre with the Reavers' uncompromising programming makes for one of the deadliest navies in the galaxy. 

Army branches

As with their naval forces, the Reavers do not maintain a complement of standing forces, custom-building their deployments to fit specific mission parameters. The tables below provide some example configurations.

Reaver Assault Forces
These deployments are front-line assault forces, mostly comprising shock troops back by heavy air support.
Forces Troop Commanders Fire Control Specialists Support Specialists Animate Troopers
RAF001 30 100 300 7000

Reaver Hunter/Scavenger Forces
These forces are usually second-wave deployments, following behind the assault forces to acquire specific tech targets or general resources.
Forces Infiltration Commanders Scavenger/Hacker Units Accumulator Units Security Troopers
RH001 10 200 20 400

Army ranks

The Reavers do not have a rank system per se, but each animate has a programmed purpose, and the purpose defines its hierarchical role. An example structure is given here
The Exemplar
Force Commander
Troop Commander
Function Specialist

Notable characters

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