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The Reaver Navy is not a distinct, separate organization from the overall Reaver fleet - in fact it could be said that their naval force effectively comprises every vessel under their control. The synergistic effect of having their entire civilisation geared for war makes their fleet far deadlier in proportion to its size than most other races' navies.


The Reaver fleet came into existence at the same moment as its parent faction, as a result of infiltrating and hacking approximately 1/3 of the existing Cyborg population.

Military doctrine

The Reavers share the same approach to doctrines as the Cyborgs, preferring to adapt their behaviour in accordance with objectives as the situation demands.

The Reavers do not, however, share the Cyborgs' sense of restraint with regard to casualties, nor do they permit consideration of the needs of the other species of the galaxy to diminish their resolve in working to achieve their programmed purpose. The end of improving their combat capability, in their view, always justifies the means, and combining fleets of this calibre with the Reavers' uncompromising programming makes for one of the deadliest navies in the galaxy.

Navy branches

The Reaver Prime Fleet encompasses the entire Reaver civilisation. The smaller fleet designations listed below are assembled according to the specific requirements of an operation or campaign. Numbers are given purely as examples.

Reaver Prime Fleet
The Reaver Prime Fleet consists of all Reaver vessels. The fleet provides habitation, and is responsible for the Reaver's overall operations, including manufacturing, logistics, and intelligence.

Reaver Decoy Fleets
Reaver Decoy Fleets are deployed to force enemy forces to reallocate their troops or ships. These fleets typically utilize many low-maintenance ships that can be controlled by a minimum crew/single AI, in order to make them appear significantly larger and more threatening than their actual firepower capacity.
Fleets Task Forces Battle Groups Raider Squadrons
Decoy Fleet 4 per Fleet 3 per Task Force 3 per Battle Group

Reaver Hacker Detachments
These small fleets do not operate on their own, but are attached to larger deployments whenever there is a possibility of gaining intelligence through direct hacking or interference. These small groups are equipped for smash and grab assaults, or boarding operations during space combat.
Fleets Vessels Breaching Pods Hacker Animates Raider Squadrons
Hacker Detachment 4 per Fleet 3 per Vessel 3 per Pod 1 per Detachment

Reaver Procurement Fleets
Procurement fleets are specifically deployed for complete annihilation strikes. They possess the capability to loot and process whole settlements.
Fleets Task Forces Battle Groups Foundry Vessels Raider Squadrons
Procurement Fleet 8 per Fleet 4 per Task Force 1 per Fleet 6 per Battle Group

Navy ranks

The Reavers do not have a rank system per se, but each animate has a programmed purpose, and the purpose defines its hierarchical role. An example structure is given here
The Exemplar
Fleet Commander
Ship Commander
Function Specialist

Notable characters

  • Camulus

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