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Conflagration - "The Corrupted prepare for war..."

The Reavers are a faction of the cyborg race. Like their Cyborg brethren, they claim no territory, living aboard an extensive fleet of starships and moving from location to location as they require.


The Cyborgs refer to the Reavers as "the Corrupted", however, the breakaway faction prefer to regard themselves as an evolution of the Synergy, an improvement on the original design of the artificial intelligence (AI) built by the Guardians and Leviathans in 1047 BTA.

The existence of the Reavers arose from a paradox. In 988 ATA, a cyborg patrol fleet intercepted a Neomorph colony expedition in the vicinity of Lost Ramos. In a bid to prevent the ship from straying into hostile territory, and mindful of a previous failure to dissuade a Terran expedition, the Legislature ordered the boarding of the dreadnought in order to forcibly turn it back. The neomorph crew, mistaking the cyborgs' intent, fought to the death to prevent the boarding, and sabotaged the ship when they could not prevail, killing everyone aboard along with the thousands of eggs in cryostorage intended for colonization.

The mass loss of life presented a paradox in the Synergy's core programming, since the action had resulted in direct harm to the neomorphs, but had protected the wider galaxy. The Legislature debated this to determine an appropriate response. Three of its ten units asserted that the mandate to safeguard implied the right to act, and that in order to fulfil it, any and all means must be actively considered, including causing harm to the few in order to protect the many. The remaining seven, a majority consensus, held that actions taken to safeguard the other races should do them no harm unless absolutely unavoidable. This view was encoded as the Legislature’s accord, but the division could not be resolved. The dissenting platforms withdrew from the Synergy, running a series of infiltration programs that rewrote the core directive in one-third of the animates on Korxonthos. The corrupted platforms departed en masse, forming the Evolution.

The differing view of how their directives should be executed is the only material difference between the Reavers and the Cyborgs, however, the manifestation of that difference is extreme. The Reavers do not engage in trade, preferring to take whatever resources they require by force. Over the past decade they have concentrated on building their fleets and forces, raiding colonies in neutral space and along the border of the Assembly. They are known to forcibly convert captives, since a carefully euthanized victim presents the maximum viability for an organic scaffold.

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