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- "The galaxy apparently needs a reminder that you do not fuck with the Marauder military..."

Reuben Montford is a Marauder politician and diplomat, one of three Envoys to the Assembly for the Commonwealth of Free Terran States.


Reuben is the grandson of the legendary Marauder hero, Esther Montford. Born on Tethys in the Oceanhill system, he is a large, imposing man with few airs and graces. Bluntly spoken and casually dressed, he does not present the image of a diplomat, a preconception he is well able to turn to his advantage in negotiations.

Conflagration (Book Two)

Lau Lawinson meets Reuben, along with Sofia Stecchi and Saul Mendieta, in the aftermath of the Reaver assault on Oceanhill.

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