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Like their brethren the Guardians, the Ronins enjoy a warrior tradition spanning tens of thousands of years. Even more so than the Guardians, however, their effective strength is constrained by their limited population.


The Ronin military dates back to the founding of their faction.

Military doctrine

Ronins rarely deploy in large numbers, unless they perceive a situation to be a crisis. As with most small-unit forces, their preferred approach is to target vulnerabilities in an enemy's lines or logistics and strike hard and fast to disrupt the enemy's line of battle.

Ronins do not surrender once engaged in combat, and will fight to the death to achieve an objective, no matter the odds, often adopting a last stand position. It is a testament to their prowess that in most cases, such last stands succeed.

Army ranks

When deployed militarily, a group of Ronins is customarily commanded by one of their Captains, the governing council of the Fraternity.

Notable events

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