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Like their brethren the Guardians, the Ronins enjoy a warrior tradition spanning tens of thousands of years. Even more so than the Guardians, however, their effective strength is constrained by their limited population.


The Ronin military dates back to the founding of their faction.

Military doctrine

Ronin vessels are typically heavily armed and armoured, but given their low numbers, they rarely engage in aggressive tactical deployments. If the situation warrants, they will not hesitate to attack, but generally the Ronins will avoid starting fights. They do not, however, shy from finishing them.

Their crews are often augmented by volunteers from other races (notably changelings) in order to permit the deployment of every available warrior in ground combat.

Navy branches

The Ronin navy is a single deployable force. For reasons of security, they have never disclosed their full field strength publicly.

Navy ranks

The Ronin Navy is traditionally placed under the command of one of their Captains. Given their longevity, it is believed that no more than three officers have ever held this command. Ship's captains and essential officers are appointed by election from among those who serve on the crews, but no official rank system is in place.

Notable events

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