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The Ronins, properly titled the Fraternity, are a faction of the guardian race. An offshoot of the oldest known civilisation in the galaxy, the Ronins, like their brothers in the Order, view themselves as responsible for the well-being and safekeeping of the younger races.


The Fraternity's sole distinction from the Order arises from a difference of opinion on the correct approach to defending the galaxy. The Order favour a protective stance, while the Fraternity are of the view that offence is the best form of defence. This doctrine cost them dearly in the Phantom Wars - although victorious in the end, they only narrowly avoided being completely wiped out, and to this day boast less than ten thousand individuals.

Like their Guardian brothers, every Ronin carries a bladed weapon, crafted to their personal specification, to symbolize their commitment to their duty. Each sword is bio-tagged to its individual owner. While anyone may wield such a blade as a standard weapon, the energised edge unique to Guardian blades will only activate in the hand of its owner.

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