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Lau Lawinson - "Saul’s not known for being conciliatory about the Marauders’ political positions"

Saul Mendieta is a Marauder politician and diplomat, currently serving as as Associate Secretary to the Exterior Department. He is Keera Naraymis' immediate superior and an old friend of Lau Lawinson.


Saul Mendieta was born and raised in New Lagos, the capital of the Marauder territories. After studying political science and economics at the University of Marinaris, he returned to his native city to begin his career in politics. He was appointed to the position of Associate Secretary in 994 ATA.

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Conflagration (Book One)

Mendieta supervises Keera's work on the changeling treaty, then sends her to Berlin to begin talks with the Terrans regarding border security. During the course of Keera's trip, he speaks with her twice, once to inform her of her assistant's death, and once to order her to assist the Terrans with the investigation into the museum robbery.

Conflagration (Book Two)

Saul is summoned to Kyzar to assist with the Assembly's investigation into Jennifer Bronwen's attempted theft. After the Reavers assault Oceanhill, he discovers that Keera was a changeling agent. Furious at being deceived, he issues a new warrant for Jen and Keera's arrest, believing them to be connected to the Reaver attack.

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