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- "You let those bastards escape!"

Selina Kronosius is a Champion, a member of the neomorphs' genetically engineered warrior caste. She serves as a military commander in the newly developed Neomorph Navy.


Champion Kronosius was hatched as one of a batch brood aboard a neomorph vessel many decades before the race arrived in the galaxy. Bred for both physical prowess and personal bravery, she is a dominant leader and fearsome combatant.

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Conflagration (book one)

Champion Kronosius is the figurehead commander of the neomorph battle group dispatched to Mendillo under the command of Kiith Kohath. When he refuses to comply with an order to destroy damaged leviathan Giant vessels in the aftermath of the battle, her furious reaction provides the cyborg with the opportunity to resign his commission and return to the Cyborg stronghold of Korxonthos.

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