Keera Naraymis - "These ‘Sentinels’ represent a clear and present danger, not just to our citizens, but to people all across the galaxy."
While the Sentinels consider themselves a force of freedom fighters, their navy bears little resemblance to the organized space forces of the other civilizations of the galaxy.


The origins of the Sentinels' paramilitary forces and their capacity to wage war is unknown to most citizens of the galaxy barring their own members, as the rebellious faction did not attract much notice until they rose up against the Consortium's rule and started the Sentinel Rebellion. While the Sentinels' forces were eventually defeated, their rebellion put down and most of their members being driven from the Changeling-controlled systems, they have nonetheless been able to maintain a constant level of threat to intergalactic peace.

Military doctrine

Defeat in the rebellion left the Sentinels' forces broken up into small splinter groups, no longer capable of taking on any faction in or outside of Assembly space in a combat theater. They therefore changed their focus to conducting insurgency and fourth-generation warfare operations, slowly infiltrating other faction's forces in order to acquire intel, sabotage and destroy equipment, or assassinate key personnel.

Given the clandestine nature of the organisation, it is impossible to get a full overview of the disposition of their naval capacity. They acquire ships from the other races and their parent civilisation for the most part - it is not believed they have any substantial capacity to build starships on their own. Nonetheless, they have proven adept at modifying and upgrading those vessels they do acquire, and contract shipyards such as Vanaheim could furnish the capacity for any special projects such as Titans and Colossi.

Navy branches


Navy ranks


Notable events

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