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Shan'Chael - "...The Sentinels are a paranoid bunch, and they don’t willingly disclose their affiliations."

The Sentinels are a faction of the Changeling race, a shadowy organization widely considered to be terrorists by most citizens of the Assembly. Beyond the overthrow of the existing Changeling government, their ideological goals have never been publicly disclosed.


The origins of the Sentinel movement are unknown. In 304 ATA, a group of changelings referring to themselves as Sentinels rose up in rebellion against the Consortium, and declared themselves independent, staking a claim to territory around Lazarus Depth. Well-armed, well-organized, and well-led, it took Consortium forces four years and the assistance of the Assembly to contain the threat and end the secession attempt (in 308 ATA). However, they did not succeed in eradicating the movement, and since then the Sentinels have operated on a terrorist footing rather than as a military insurgency.

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