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- "...You really have to work on not turning your extractions into complete and utter shitshows."

Serris Eng is a senior officer in the Changeling Consortium Diplomatic Service, holding the rank of Section Commander. He is the commanding officer of both Keera Naraymis and Laenan Estris.


A gifted mimic, Eng rose to prominence in the Service by completing a deep-cover mission in Ercinean space (assignments to impersonate ercineans are rare and given only to the most outstanding agent candidates). Respected for his professionalism and pragmatism, he commands the respect of his subordinates and superiors alike.

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Burning Suns - Conflagration
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Conflagration (Book Three)[]

When Keera contacts Estris to warn the Consortium about the Sentinel plot, Eng is the watch commander Estris refers her to. He reinstates Keera to active duty with the goal of stopping the Sentinels carrying out their mission.

Insurrection (Book One)[]

After Keera's extraction from Lazarus Depth, Eng helps her to resolve Jen's predicament with Marauder command. He then assigns Keera to liaise with the Guardians.