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- "You know how much I abhor a knowledge vacuum."

Shan'Chael is a black-market recruitment broker and information dealer. Based in Hel's Market in the Asgard system, he is a well-known, respected, and no-little feared figure in the galaxy's criminal underworld.


Shan'Chael was born in the Outskirts district of Hel's Market, on the planet Hel in the Asgard system. Little is known of his childhood, or how he came to prominence as a leader in the local criminal hierarchy. All that is known for certain is that the effete, fussy, pedantic little human is taken lightly at one's peril.

Shan'Chael has built up an extensive network of contacts over the years, and uses that knowledge to broker employment opportunities. Notable operatives in his network include Jennifer Bronwen (a freighter captain), Dolos (an infiltration specialist), Kiith Kohath (a military strategist), and Wai-Mei Xox (an antimatter procurement expert), a selection that speaks to the range specialities he can bring to bear.

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Conflagration (Book One)

After meeting Orden Snake-Eyes and receiving his offer of work, Jennifer Bronwen visits Shan'Chael in his offices to organise a crew to help her with the job. Shan'Chael arranges for Timo Honold, Dolos, Wai-Mei Xox, Darya Solinas, and Thud Jones to connect with Jennifer, and offers her a warning regarding trusting Snake-Eyes to far.

When Jennifer returns to Hel's Market with Keera Naraymis as her new crew member, Shan'Chael organises for Keera to obtain access to the Changeling Diplomatic Service's network, and compensates Jennifer for Solinas' breach of contract. He also points out the value of Keera's training as an undercover agent.

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