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Sielle Speren is a star system located in Assembly space, co-administered by the Guardian and Templar governments.


First colonized by the Templars during their territorial expansion in the wake of the Phantom Wars, Sielle Speren was used as a staging system for a threatened invasion of Aluxi. Too weakened by their sacrifices in the war to resist effectively, the Guardians surrendered to the Templar demand for tribute, and Sielle Speren became a garrison system.

The system supported a number of primitive civilizations (defined here as non-FTL-capable technology), all of whom were quickly subsumed and then enslaved as the new templar empire took root. The regime was brutal, geared toward the systematic stripping of resources from the system's planets. As the empire expanded, more and more resources were demanded, destroying any chance of the indigenous races ever having the resource to achieve sustainable technological advances.

Encouraged by a group of Ronins, the most advanced of the civilisations rose up in revolt in 210 BTA, overthrowing the templar administration and expelling the garrison. The revolt proved to be the spark for the Hundred-Years War, a spark catalyzed by the templar's bloody reprisals against the primitive population.

At the end of the war, the templars were ordered to replenish Sielle Speren's ravaged resources, permitting the indigenous races to achieve the potential previously denied them. None of the races are FTL-capable as yet, but their freedom is assured by the Guardians. The templars, having deposited resource stockpiles at predetermined sites, departed the system less than a decade after the war's end, and while they still claim governance rights, they have taken no active role in administering the system since.

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