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- "I find your paranoia as unattractive as it is misguided."

Sien Solta is a changeling politician and diplomat. He currently holds the post of Minister for Foreign Affairs and represents the interests of the Federated Consortium of Changeling Nations to the other races of the galaxy. Additionally, he is a senior member of the Consortium's Diplomatic Service and has served as an instructor at their Academy, where he was a mentor to Keera Naraymis.


Solta was born on Eva Amarian, in the changeling capital system of Eva Arielle.

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Conflagration (Book One)

Solta is sent to New Lagos, the Marauder capital, to negotiate the terms of a new security and trade treaty. The Marauder diplomat who deals with him is none other than Keera Naraymis.

Conflagration (Book Two)

Solta travels to Kyzar to answer questions regarding the artefact theft in Berlin, since the discovery of Darya Solinas' body implied changeling involvement in the crime. Later, when Keera's true identity is discovered by the Marauders, Lau Lawinson and Saul Mendieta confront him. He denies any knowledge, implying Keera is a Sentinel agent.

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