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Conflagration - "...the heart of Marauder space presented a far prettier face to the universe by night than it did by day."

Sol Deuterion is a star system situated in Marauder space. It is the capital system for the Free Commonwealth of Terran States, with the seat of government located in the city of New Lagos on Geonova.


Sol Deuterion, originally named New Elysium, was not colonized until 925 ATA, and represented the furthest reach of the Terran civilisation. It was ceded to its colonists in 958 ATA as part of the territory for the new Marauder faction. The donation of what was at the time a barely terraformed backwater was intended as an insult by the Terrans, who were somewhat put out by the Assembly's ruling that the more valuable and strategic system of Oceanhill be included in the Marauder territory-to-be. In what would come to be known as typically Marauder logic, the new government then promptly selected the system as its capital, renaming it Sol Deuterion and its principal planet Geonova.

Notable characters

Notable locations

  • Geonova (planet, system capital)
    • New Lagos (city, planetary capital)
    • Yokosuka (city)

Notable organizations

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