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Massively powerful and capable of direct energy manipulation, the Stalker's armed forces are an offshoot of the Templar military. Even more belligerent than their brethren, they are considered one of the most devastatingly effective combat forces the galaxy has ever known.


The Stalkers seceded from the Templar Hegemony following the conclusion of the Hundred-Years War. The majority of those who broke away were members of the military, providing the isolationists with ready-made combat resources.

Military doctrine

Quite simply, shock and awe. As with the Templars, Stalker tactics revolve around the application of overwhelming force. Utilizing autonomous weaponry to boost their effective military strength, and impervious to many of the other races' weapons technologies, a force of stalkers is apt to simply mow down anything in their path. They are also disinclined to accept surrender or prisoners, preferring to annihilate any enemy completely. Quarter is never given. Nor is it ever asked.

Army branches

Stalker Army
The Stalkers do not maintain a full-time military force, relying on volunteer recruitment to furnish troops for expeditions and their extensive stockpiles of autonomous weaponry.

Army ranks

Stalkers are highly individualistic, and thus do not readily conform to complex hierarchies. If a force is assembled, one commander and a handful of subordinates is deemed sufficient command and control.

Stalker Ranks
Force Commander

Notable events

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