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The Stalkers, properly titled The Ascendancy, are a militant offshoot of the Templar civilisation who seceded from their parent society at the end of the Hundred Years War.


Upon the collapse of the empire of the Psyonic Templars of Eternity, the templars were forced to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with the races who had overthrown them. While for the majority, dealing with the newly liberated races represented a simple necessity, a proportion of the surviving leaders - most notably within the military hierarchy - took exception to being expected to treat what they considered to be lesser species as equals. These leaders, and a large number of citizens of similar mindset, retreated from the newly formed Templar Hegemony, electing to form a new civilisation of their own. They agreed a territorial division with their brothers and retreated into their own space, eradicating any and all populations of other species within their territory as they went.

Little information on the Stalkers' governance or culture is available, since they have very little interaction with anyone save their templar brethren. The only notable interaction since the formation of the Assembly was the Perseus War, a conflict precipitated when the Stalkers objected to Terran colonisation efforts in the Perseus Arm. After their defeat at the battle of Bedingrade, the Assembly required the Hegemony to confine the Stalkers to their own territory. The Hegemony reluctantly complied, and the Stalkers have not been seen in Assembly space since.

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