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Massively powerful and capable of direct energy manipulation, the Templar military is one of the most devastatingly effective combat forces the galaxy has ever known.


The exact reasons for the templars sudden decision to begin expanding their territory beyond their home system is not known, but in order to achieve that goal, a navy was a critical necessity. The growth of their fleet as an out-and-out aggressor was catalysed by the Phantom Wars, and at the culmination of that conflict, the galaxy's largest surviving military force was readily turned to the forging of an empire, that of the Psyonic Templars of Eternity.

Military doctrine

Shock and awe. Thanks to their advanced abilities with energy manipulation, the Templar Navy, simply put, outguns its enemies on a massive scale, even when seemingly outnumbered.

Navy branches

Templar Fleets
The templars' fleets are maintained as a standing force, although not all of them are necessarily manned. The fleets charged with system defence tend to be controlled by remote interaction from ground-based command centres. Two example compositions are given here - a combat-oriented fleet and a defence-oriented one.
Fleets Titan Dreadnought Battlecruisers Raider wings
Victory 1 per Fleet 4 per Section 8 per Contingent 2 per Detachment
Bulwark 2 per Section 4 per Contingent 1 per Detachment

Navy ranks

Templars do not place much stock in hierarchies, and with each vessel generally falling under control of less than ten individuals, there is no real need for a complex rank structure.

Templar ranks
Fleet Commander

Notable events

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Navies Acarid NavyChampion NavyChangeling NavyCyborg NavyErcinean NavyFarseer NavyGiant NavyGuardian NavyInsectoid NavyLeviathan NavyMarauder NavyNeomorph NavyPhantom NavyReaver NavyRonin NavySentinel NavyStalker NavyTemplar NavyTerran NavyWraith Navy