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Lau Lawinson - "Like lightning in crystalline form"

The Templars are one of the oldest races in the galaxy, with a history of civilization stretching back over fifty-thousand years.


A lifeform based on energy rather than organic matter, templars are unique in the galaxy, although since plasma is the most common form of ordinary matter in the universe, this is likely to be a limit of knowledge rather than circumstance.

Templars are an asexual species, since their reproductive process functions via the partitioning of existing individuals rather than through the fusion of gametes. Referring to a templar as "he" or "she" will invariably provoke great offence, as the requirement for sexual dimorphism is seen as a characteristic of the "lesser" organic races.

Templar reproduction is unique in that it involves the participation of large groups of individuals. To replicate a new templar, each participating "parent" must donate a portion of their own energy to spark a new life. The more templars who participate, the smaller the loss per individual. This loss is debilitating - as templars do not consume foodstuffs to provide a chemical energy source for their existence. Templars who lose too much of their energy dissipate into the environment.

Since templars generally only die through loss of a critical quantity of their energy, they are functionally immortal. Consequently, their culture places a great deal of emphasis on individuals and the preservation of the race is predicated on the survival of the existing population rather than on the creation of new beings, which is why population increases only tend to occur when the templars feel threatened by galactic events.

As energy-based beings, they are capable of manipulating energy directly, making their technology almost impossible for organics to replicate or operate, and far more efficient than any other race can aspire to. Templars are innately capable of influencing the flow of energy through a material or a device - touching a device is sufficient to permit operation controlled directly by the templar's thoughts.

Notable templars

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