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Sofia Stecchi - "...The Templars decided to get all imperial about things..."

The Templars, properly titled the Templar Hegemony, are the principal faction of the templar race. One of the elder races of the galaxy, they have a long and bloody history of dominance and aggression.


The Hegemony arose from the ashes of the previous templar empire, the Psyonic Templars of Eternity. Over a period of 830 years (1040 - 210 BTA) the templars ruled over the other races of the known galaxy. An uprising in 210 BTA precipitated the Hundred-Years War, culminating in the final defeat and cessation of the empire in 109 BTA. The templar hierarchy then fractured, with an isolationist faction breaking off while the remainder reformed their society to reflect the new need for diplomatic relations with their former tribute races. They are founder members of the Assembly.

The templars are considered arrogant and aloof by nearly every other race in the galaxy, but their extraordinary abilities with energy technology and their long history of being a key player in galactic events grants them a degree of influence and power that no other race enjoys - without the templars, Kyzar station would have been impossible to build. If the Guardians are the Assembly's moral compass, the Templars are indisputably its might.

Templar technology and weaponry are highly prized, and thriving black markets support a considerable trade for any templar artefacts that can be verified as genuine.

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