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The Terran Army is a branch of the Terran armed forces specialising in planet-based operations and engagements, most concerned with protecting the United Terran Republics from outside aggressors and keeping peace within their own borders. While the Terran Navy is viewed as somewhat underpowered, the Army is regarded as a deeply professional and knowledgeable service, and is respected for its abilities across the galaxy.


The Terran Army have existed as a united force ever since the Terrans were able to look beyond their own system.

Military doctrine

While the Terrans have a long and bloody history of civil war and internal strife from before they were able to settle their differences and form the United Terran Republics, they have presented themselves as a mostly peaceful race to the Assembly.

However it became clear for most races after the Perseus War that the Terrans' resolve to defend their own and ingenuity concerning warfare were not to be taken lightly.

The Assembly's sanctions on the Terran military after the Perseus War (in force from 83 - 500 ATA) marked a significant shift in Terran tactical doctrines. Since the Terrans were restricted from maintaining a standing army or navy that could posses a threat to any of the other civilizations, they committed to a defensive mindset that placed more strategic value on their ground forces than their naval capability. Defence in depth of key systems is their preferred approach.

Army branches

The Terrans maintain two official ground-based services, the Expeditionary Force and the Defence Force. By far the bulk of their soldiers are deployed to the Defence Force, although a standard term of service requires each member to serve one year in the UTEF..

United Terran Expeditionary Force
The UTEF is a small service established to facilitate a small degree of exploration and fulfil diplomatic duties on Kyzar. Its operations are almost wholly dependent on the Navy providing transportation. Standard rotations to the UTEF are derisively nicknamed "Package Tours" by UTDF personnel.
Divisions Regiments Battalions Companies Platoons
1st Division 1st and 2nd 3 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company
2nd Division 3rd and 4th 3 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company

United Terran Defence Force
The United Terran Defense Force forms the bulk of the Terran Army. Roughly half the size in personnel of the Marauder Army, its divisions combine infantry and armour regiments.
Divisions Regiments Battalions Companies Platoons
Orion Division (colossus) 1st to 6th 3 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company
Perseus Division 7th to 12th 3 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company
Sagittarius Division 13th to 18th 3 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company
Modeus Division (support and HQ) 19th to 21st 3 per regiment 3 per battalion 3 per company

Army ranks

Staff Commissioned Enlisted
General Colonel Master Chief Sergeant
Lt. General Lt. Colonel Master Sergeant
Major General Major Gunnery Sergeant
Brig. General Captain Staff Sergeant
First Lieutenant Sergeant
Second Lieutenant Corporal
Lance Corporal
Private First Class

Notable events

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