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The Terran Navy is a true testament to the terran way of thinking, utilizing every part of the navy for practical gains when it can be afforded. While not being the best equipped, strongest or biggest - it's certainly the most flexible and cost-efficient navy of the known factions.


While spacefaring vessels have been part of the Terrans' culture for many years, it wasn't until their acceptance into the Assembly that they developed a professional navy. Assisted with resources from the Assembly, the Terrans managed to scale their navy fairly quickly, making it possible to support more and more distant colonization efforts. This rapid expansion eventually led to the confrontation with the Stalkers that sparked the Perseus War.

Military doctrine

Due to the Terrans' early encounter with the Stalkers and the prohibition on fleet expansion imposed as a sanction for the bombing of Bedingrade, the Terran navy has adopted a very defensive doctrine, relying on bringing an enemy to a halt or stalemate through strong defensive positioning and mobilization of reserves until a peaceful solution can be found.

The Terran Navy relies heavily on supplies from civilian ships in emergencies and conflicts, which makes the logistical part of their organisation very vulnerable. However, this also makes the navy the most cost-efficient of its kind, boosting the Terrans' economy and growth during peace time.

Navy branches

United Terran Defense Fleets
These fleets are meant to take the brunt of any attack while reinforcements are mobilized. On a daily basis they function as patrol fleets, which is unfortunately not optimal due to their organisation being predicated on more static warfare.
Fleets Task Forces Battle Groups Squadrons Raiders
1st Fleet 1 per Fleet 8 per Task Force 8 per Battle Group 4 per Squadron
2nd Fleet 1 per Fleet 8 per Task Force 8 per Battle Group 4 per Squadron
3rd Fleet 1 per Fleet 8 per Task Force 8 per Battle Group 4 per Squadron

United Terran Emergency Fleets
These fleets are not operational on a daily basis. They were constructed as part of an emergency protocol after the Oceanhill Incident, and are maintained for emergencies with skeleton crews.
Fleets Task Forces Patrol Groups Patrols Raiders
1st Fleet 4 per Fleet 5 per Task Force 5 per Patrol Group 4 per Patrol
2nd Fleet 4 per Fleet 5 per Task Force 5 per Patrol Group 4 per Patrol

Navy ranks

Staff Commissioned Enlisted
Fleet Admiral Captain Master Chief Petty Officer
Admiral Commander Senior Chief Petty Officer
Vice Admiral Lt. Commander Chief Petty Officer
Rear Admiral Lieutenant Petty Officer, First Class
Lieutenant (j.g.) Petty Officer, Second Class
Ensign Petty Officer, Third Class
Leading Hand
Able Seaman

Notable events

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