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Shad'ir'ion - "Had you been apprised of the device’s nature, no doubt some fool among your people would have attempted to activate it."

Although considered a comparatively young civilisation by the elder races of the galaxy, the Terrans have earned their seat at the Assembly. A curious and innovative race, they have a talent for pushing the boundaries of intergalactic cooperation and prosperity.

The current leader of the Terrans, as of 999 ATA, is President Victor Chipeta.


The Terrans first set foot on extra-terrestrial soil in 846 BTA, but it would be another 837 years before they managed to cross the boundaries of their own solar system with more than a probe. A further 7 years elapsed before the Terrans finally made first contact with another sentient species, the ercineans (in the form of a Farseer colony on a remote system near Bronwen).

The Terrans achieved a unified government by the slow amalgamation of economic development rather than from any single common societal ideal. The original purpose of the Congress of the United Terran Republics, founded in 324 BTA and seated in Berlin, was as an advisory body not dissimilar to the original United Nations. Over time, as nation state concerns became less and less relevant, the congress took on more and more active administration, a process solidified and then formalised by the first contact with the ercineans. Thus, Terran culture has remained remarkably diverse and has retained many geographic and ethnic cultural differentiations. This practice has spread to their colonies, with each system, planet, and sometimes even small continental regions priding themselves on having some unique aspect or traditions.

The Terrans were accepted into the Assembly in 67 ATA, and are regarded as skilled diplomats and entrepreneurs. Their tendency to individualism and their appetite for discovery stand them in good stead in new and unfamiliar situations, and has allowed them flourish both territorially and economically. Their bent for self-determination can occasionally cause internal friction, most notably in the case of the secession of the Marauders, but by and large is seen as a positive aspect.

Perhaps due to that selfsame trait, a large proportion of the residents of neutral space are human, and one can find humans living in most inhabited systems. They are very much a common thread between the various fabrics of galactic society, political, criminal, financial, and cultural.

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