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- "I seem to recall any number of wild-ass improvisations back in the day. Mostly involving getting drunk or making booty calls."

Thaddeus "Thud" Jones is a former master sergeant in the Marauder Marine Corps, and a close friend of Jennifer Bronwen. He is hired by Jennifer as part of her crew at the beginning of the events of Conflagration.


Thud met Jennifer during Marine Corps basic training, when they were assigned to each other as training partners. They struck up an instant friendship, a bond that only strengthened as they were posted together after passing out. His billet was 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 11th Regiment, 2nd Division, Marauder Marine Corps.

Jones, a marine brat who grew up on the base at Yokosuka, quickly established himself as an exemplary soldier and a natural leader and was rapidly promoted, attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant in late 992 ATA, and rising to the rank of Master Sergeant by 997 ATA, when he was appointed training NCO for his company.

Jones was dishonourably discharged in 998 ATA after breaking his platoon commander's arm in a bar brawl following a training accident in which Jones felt the officer's actions and decisions had led to the injuries of two of the platoon. While most of his colleagues, up to and including his company commander, Captain Gina Bell, agreed with his assessment of the situation, the uniform code had to be upheld, and his court martial board unanimously recommended his discharge.

Since his dismissal, Jones has been working as a freelance enforcer, and through one of his jobs was able to sign up to Shan'Chael's network, where his availability and Jennifer's prior knowledge of his skills made him an easy pick for her new crew.

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Conflagration (Book One)

Thud is hired by Jennifer to help out with the theft of the templar artefact from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Upon reuniting with his old comrade, they spend some time reminiscing before planning the robbery with the rest of the crew. Afterward, Jennifer suggests that if the job goes well, Thud might consider accompanying her back to Asgard, taking a permanent position on her crew.

Thud provokes Jen's anger by smuggling a firearm into the museum against her wishes. When the team are betrayed by Solinas, Thud helps Jen free Wai-Mei from the maintenance centre but the three of them are cornered in a corridor as they try to get away. Hoping to buy time for his companions, Thud initiates an armed stand-off with the police that results in him being shot and killed.

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