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From review - "Wow! What a bunch of prodigy artists you have gotten your hand on. Wow! Again."

Embark on a journey through 156 pages of sketches and illustrations from the creation of the Burning Suns game. Experience 400 pieces of artwork, sketches and 3D models, and learn about the design process from ideas and concepts to final product.


The Art of Burning Suns was planned from the beginning of the early development of the board game when the first illustrations were brought into existence by Caner and Angelita. The progress was so intriguing and instructive to follow that it had to be shared once completed.

The original concept book was supposed to be around 30+ pages, but as the amount of illustrations grew with thousands of WIPs to follow, so did the book.

The Art of Burning Suns also contain thoughts and comments from the creator, and is filled both lessons learned and observations and fun facts about the universe of the Burning Suns.

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