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The Daybreak War was an ancient conflict fought between the Guardian race and a species described only as arachnids. The War is notable for the first recorded appearance of the faction known as the Fraternity, more commonly referred to as the Ronins.


The Guardians have never released detailed records of the conflict, which occurred many tens of millennia before their first contact with any other sentient race. The arachnids, hatched from an asteroid belt in the outer reaches of Aluxi, swarmed across the system destroying everything in their path until being thrown back decisively by the Guardian military. The reason for the arachnid advance has never been verified, since their presence in the asteroid belt had been known to the Guardians for centuries. However, in the aftermath, the Ronins assembled, traveled to the asteroid belt, and eradicated all traces of the arachnid infestation, securing their home system against any further attack.

Key event(s)

Not disclosed in detail. Ultimate victory for the Guardians.


The arachnid species were rendered extinct, and the threat to Aluxi was thereby contained.

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The Daybreak War
The Hellfire Campaign
The Hundred-Years War
The Mendillo Conflict
The Nexus Massacre
The Oceanhill Incident
The Perseus War
The Phantom Wars
The Sentinel Rebellion
The Daybreak War (Unknown, BTA)
The Phantom Wars (1113-1051 BTA)
The Hundred-Years War (210-109 BTA)
The Perseus War (81-83 ATA)
The Sentinel Rebellion (304-308 ATA)
The Nexus Massacre (500 ATA)
The Oceanhill Incident (958 ATA)
The Hellfire Campaign (993 ATA)
The Mendillo Conflict (997 ATA)