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The Mendillo Conflict is an ongoing series of skirmishes between the Neomorphs and the Leviathan Giants, who are contesting the right to colonise the Mendillo system.


The conflict arose from population pressure, with the neomorphs looking to found a new colony to expand their population after settling in this galaxy, and the Giants looking to extend their power and influence by opening new ranges for their clans.

Key events

The Neomorphs laid claim to the system by direct appeal to the Assembly in 996 ATA, in spite of the presence of Giant survey expeditions. The Leviathans raised no objection on behalf of their cousins. The Assembly at this time offered membership to both the Neomorphs and the Giants, but only the Neomorphs accepted. Granted the territory as part of their joining agreement, they began to make preparations for colonization. Still, the Leviathans offered no objection.

Early in 997 ATA, the Giants began colonizing the planets in Mendillo, disregarding the claim of the Neomorphs to the system. The Neomorphs responded militarily, establishing a presence in force under the command of the famed cyborg strategist Kiith Kohath, who had been retained to train their officer corps in effective naval tactics and leadership.

Repeated demands for the Giant withdrawal have been met with the same ultimatum:

“We are part of neither your council nor your civilisation. We do not give credence to the whims of younger species, even less to those of vagrants from another galaxy. We will act as we see fit to benefit our clans, and you meddle in our affairs at your peril.”

The military stand-off in the system has thus persisted, with numerous skirmishes but no decisive outcome. Civilian travel through Mendillo is restricted, the only system in Assembly space to hold this dubious honour.


The conflict is ongoing at the time of Conflagration.

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